Posse Comitatus

Creative Outlaws for hire

The Band of Doodlers is a drawing community which has grown in strength and scope since its establishment in 2013. Our posse of bandits (artists) is now over 250 strong and have been involved in over a hundred commissioned and community projects annually. These projects include doodle murals and live public engagement activities such as merchandise customisation and graphic recording. Band of Doodlers has allowed us the platform to showcase the myriad of talents of our bandits, many of whom are respected creative technicians in the industry.
Our continued desire to provide opportunities for our passionate artists has led us to create White Space Bandits, the design wing of Band of Doodlers. Thanks to the collective arsenal of our posse, White Space Bandits is able to offer a gamut of creative deliverables. From illustration and graphic design to motion graphics and animation, our creative outlaws are well equipped to execute the perfect visual heist.

Whatever your creative needs, we have the bandits you are looking for.